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Episode 388: You Want This

With mixed emotions, Ryley rode the elevator up to his apartment - their apartment. He loved coming home to her yet every night guilt walked in the door with him, into the warm kitchen full of delicious, labored smells, into arms that hugged him so tight, arms thatíd waited all day for him, thatíd thought of nothing but him.

He desperately wanted her to have more than that. Still he couldnít find it in him to tell her to leave and pursue more.

"Yes, Daddy," Adria spoke into the phone and at the same time launched herself at Ryley. She held onto him as she continued to lie to her father, tightening the knots in Ryleyís stomach. Yet he held onto her too. "Yes, Daddy. Yes, school is fine. Oh, Iím working very hard. In fact, I really should get back to the books. Say hello to Mom for me, maybe Iíll get the chance to visit soon, bye."

Ringing off, Adria giggled into his shoulder. "Little does he know Iím only ten minutes away, I could visit anytime. But," she interrupted herself to plant a slow sweet kiss on him. "Iím too busy with you to make room for anything else."

"I donít like this," Ryley blurted, though he still didnít let go, didnít push her away. Words were hard enough. He didnít know how to tell her to get a life without it sounding as if he didnít want her, didnít love her. "I have a problem with what youíre doing."

Adria smiled, shaking her head. "Sometimes I wonder how we were every almost just a one night stand when you get these attacks of old fashioned. Youíre quite a sweetheart, you know that?" She pressed another kiss on him. "If my lying to Daddy bothers you, itís okay, I wonít do it anymore."

Relief washed through Ryley. He didnít have the willpower to send her away, but her father would. Maybe this return to school would reignite her interest in something other than him. It wasnít healthy for her to want only him. He couldnít let her shortchange herself like that.

"Donít worry; we could fix things with Daddy if you want. I donít have to lie, thereís one way Iím sure he wouldnít mind me leaving school. Youíre in finance, youíre totally suitable - worthy in his eyes." Giddiness bubbled in her throat. "Daddy would be fine if I left school to marry you."

Episode 389: Thing Called Love

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