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Episode 387: Help

With the holidays behind her, Tansy at school, Quentin logging unbearably long hours at the garage, Justine once again found herself dangerously alone with her discontent. Lost.

Everywhere she looked - the school drop-off and pick-up, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, the determined sidewalk bustle - women of all stripes knew where they were headed, what they needed to do with their day to feel some sense of triumph, accomplishment.

Be they professionals or students or stay at home moms, they all knew.

Justine hadn’t a clue.

To keep from slipping too far into despair Justine busied herself by gathering up old clothes and bringing the box to the shelter where they’d helped serve Christmas dinner.

Standing at the shelter’s door, she gulped a big breath, letting it spread through her diaphragm, mindful of how disheartened she’d felt that snowy Christmas day surrounded by displaced people lacking homes and hope. The children and teens had been especially tough to face.

Yet Justine felt compelled to go inside again, to help them with her family’s gently worn clothes, to help the, since she didn’t know how to help herself.

Episode 388: You Want This

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