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Episode 385: Sweet Dreams

Tears unexpectedly welled in her eyes the moment she found him waiting for her in the arrivals line. He was her husband. She hadnít seen him in months. The tears shouldnít have been unexpected, but given the often rocky state of their marriage, the depth of love Katherine felt for Phillip took her somewhat by surprise.

Half way around the world, she had experienced definite pangs of missing him. Still she hadnít realized how much until she dropped her carry-on and fell into his arms. She hadnít realized how much she still loved the father of her children. Still dreamed of happily ever after with him.

"Iíve missed you so much, Kath," Phillip said, his eyes glossy too. "Letís go home."

She smiled, about to add "to bed" to his suggestion when from the corner of her eye she spied the back of a young woman making her way through the crowd towards an exit. She was lean and leggy, with long, sunny blonde hair swishing across her back like a metronome. "Is that Addie?" Katherine wondered as the woman disappeared from view.

"Adriaís at school, darling. That was just dreaming. You miss the children."

Katherine slowly nodded. "Youíd think Iíd be accustomed to that by now."

"Soon you wonít have to be. Iím working on it. Weíll be a family again." Phillip wore such a confident smile that Katherine couldnít help believing him, even if having all their children close again seemed an impossible dream.

Episode 386: Promise to Try

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