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Episode 386: Promise to Try

Sebastian stopped mid-stride, glaring at the muscular older man standing half in front of the restaurantís employee entrance. The man could flatten Sebastian in a heartbeat and heíd have to, to get to Ava. "This isnít Avaís shift," he informed Calvin Baird. "And she doesnít want to see you or Sarette, leave her alone. Maybe if Sarette had come into the picture when Mary was sick, been there like a real mom, but itís too late now.

It wasnít lost on Sebastian that he hadnít been there either.

"Iíd like to think itíd never be too late," Calvin said. "I have to try."

So did Sebastian. "I did a bad job of looking after her in the past. I wonít screw up again if I can help it. I wonít let you upset her. Sheís not ready for new parents."

"But she is ready for a new boyfriend," Avaís dad said. "Sheís ready to live with another man."

"Itís not like that," Sebastian sputtered, though he hadnít technically done anything to feel guilty for. "Iím being a friend. Iím not taking advantage of her."

"Maybe you should."

"Excuse me?"

"Avaís my daughter, but she wonít welcome me anywhere near her. I have to know sheís alright so I check on her, watch from a distance and Iíve noticed that the only time the gloom lifts in her eyes is when sheís looking at you."

Episode 387: Help

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