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Episode 375: Take The Wheel

"Hey guys, you look great." Bowie grinned at his boys. Jesse in a cowboy costume, complete with a black hat and five oíclock shadow. And Nate in Lilaís arms, a little bullfrog sound asleep on his momís chest as the bookstore whirred with excited kids. "Iím so glad you changed your mind and decided to bring them by, Lilac."

"Well, like I said, I kind of had this wacky idea that kids are supposed to trick or treat door to door, but we went to a couple houses and I guess, you know, checking for potentially tampered candy lost itís charm without you," Lila dryly replied.

"And we didnít want you to miss our costumes, we were really sad," Jesse told him, then immediately jumped tracks. "Can I go watch Sleepy Hollow?"

With Jesse settled on the floor surrounded by the other kids and parents entranced by a local theatre troupe, Bowie kissed Lilaís cheek. "Thanks for this; you guys are the cherry on top. The Halloween partyís a smash. Weíre selling lots of books tonight."

"No," Lila snapped. "Not we, you. Youíre doing all the work while Avaís flaked - oh speak of the lazy devil. Itís about time you showed up."

"Bo," Ava said, looking exhausted. ""Iím selling this place. I want you to buy it; Iíll keep the price low enough that Iím sure a bank will loan you the money."

"Heíd own it?" Lilaís eyes lit up. "Done!"

Bowie wasnít as quick to jump. Yeah, the store was finally turning the corner as far as a steady flow of customers. But he was worried about his friend. On the one hand he thought it was a good idea for her to distance herself from anything she associated with Xavier. But Ava loved books; it was the perfect place for her. "When youíre ready to come back, the store is yours; Iíll sell it back no arguments."

"Yeah, just a hefty profit to fund the wedding we had to postpone thanks to you."


Episode 376: Umbrella

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