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Episode 376: Umbrella

Rain thundered from the ominous, black sky, streams pouring through cracks in the bus shelterís Plexiglas roof, drenching Avalon.

Sebastianís car idled across the intersection as he debated what to do. Heíd avoided her ever since sheíd thrown herself at him. Because more than anything he wanted to take advantage of her. But he knew theyíd both end up hating him for it.

A horn honked behind him, he turned and pulled up to the bus stop.

With a deep breath, Sebastian reached over and unlocked the passenger door.

Avaís face scrunched up a moment then she climbed in. "Donít put it in drive," she said. "I want to thank you for being, well; a lot more thoughtful than I was being that night. Thank you for stopping... things."

"It wasnít easy, but it wouldnít have been right to..." It wasnít even easy being next to her now and not kiss her. And now she wasnít offering herself up on a silver platter.

She nodded. "You were a gentleman and thank you for being one now too. But I canít accept a ride, I need to go clear across the city, I donít want to put you out."

"Itís okay. I just finished my shift at the restaurant, I donít have anyplace to go except my apartment and well, youíve been there. Itís even more depressing than riding around in this cheap car Quent helped pick out."

Ava stared straight ahead. "I have to go to the East Side, I donít want to be responsible for you getting robbed or hurt."

Sebastian shivered inside. "Why are you headed to the most dangerous part of the city? And why would you ever think Iíd let you get on a bus and go there alone?"

Episode 377: Spider Webs

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