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Episode 372: All I Need

Ryley had never been much of a fan of musicals. Heís always preferred the stark, depressing realities of indies. Itíd always struck him absurd the being so happy you burst into song or dance on air. But now, even though he still didnít really like musicals, he understood the feeling.

As he hurried across campus to meet Adria in her dorm room, there was definitely a song murmuring on his lips and a skip in his step.

It wasnít just that they were spending the majority of these weekends, if not in bed then at least discreetly kissing and touching every chance they got, it was that he didnít know he could love anyone this much. Be this happy to see someone.

Or this unhappy.

He saw Adria first, also headed for her dorm room, a few books hugged to her chest, shoulders slumped, and mouth turned down, a dead look in her beautiful blue eyes.

Adria looked like a Zombie until the moment she spied him, threw down her books and launched herself into his arms.

He was glad to see her too. Monday to Friday afternoon dragged on interminably without her. But now, even with her, he found himself missing Adria. Well, missing the part of her that used to dive into life, enthuse over everything from school to her dazzling future, now he was the only thing she enthused over.

It was flattering in a way to be the light in her life, but Ryley was worried about her. He just hadnít figured out how to help her yet, every time he tried to talk to her about fining another source of happiness, sheíd insist he was all she needed.

Episode 373: The One That Got Away

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