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Episode 373: The One That Got Away

With Shelby, her cat, sound asleep, warming Avalon’s lap, Ava scrolled through website after website that speculated on where cult music star Xavier Rafi had disappeared to. Where her fiance had disappeared to.

There were shadowy pictures allegedly of him. Supposed transcripts of brief conversations that mostly didn’t sound like the man she loved. Elvis lives. Or so she hoped with every fiber of her being, tracking each sighting on a world map above her computer, hoping the pushpins would tell her something, lead her to him. So far though, all it had led to were some strange chat room conversations.

A knock hammered at her front door. It wasn’t Xavier’s knock. But still. Shelby leapt off Ava’s lap, knowing the drill. Every phone call. Every knock at the door, Ava ran thinking it might be the man she’d intended to marry. The only family she had other than her cat.

But she’d yet to find him on the other side of the door. It was always Bowie. Or, as this morning, one or both of her birth parents - because she really needed a reminder that she no longer had her real mom, she was just supposed to embrace somebody else and forget. It was the same way Bowie and Lila were encouraging her to move on from Xavier. Bo meant well, but Ava just couldn’t.

"Please," Sarette Jordan said. "If there’s anything we can do to help you through this broken heart..." Cal stood beside her, nodding. And Ava slammed the door in their faces.

Episode 374: Soon

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