Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Episode 371: Could've Been

Hearing the key in the lock, Lila lifted her head off the kitchen table. "So, you do remember where we live."

"I called and I was sorry," Bowie replied his voice as low on energy as he looked. His clothes were rumpled, bag sat under his gorgeous blue eyes, and his limbs were downright lethargic as he barely made it to a chair across the table from her.

"Maybe I should get out my cell phone while we eat our reheated dinners," Lila snapped. "That way the boys won’t think I’m a liar when I say you live here."

"It’s my job, Lilac. What," he paused to yawn, "do you want me to do?"

"How about quit? You’re smart, you’re a hard worker, you’ll easily find something else. It’s not like your paychecks are bigger with all these hours manning the store by yourself."

"It’s just temporary. You know Ava’s going through a rough time."

"What about me? Our wedding’s indefinitely postponed so you can run her store while she mopes."

"She was supposed to get married too but he didn’t show up, Lila. If she were just moping it’d be okay, I wouldn’t keep sending her home; it’d be good for her to work through it. But she’s bad for business; she’s too distracted to ring up sales, giving people way incorrect change. She’s obsessed with these gossip sites the posters claiming they’ve seen Xavier like he’s Elvis. I’m really worried about her."

Bowie looked so upset. Lila reached across the table. "Look on the bright side, at least Ava’s the only one hurting here. Jesse could be. And you and me. The magazine could’ve told everyone Xavier’s Jesse’s dad. You could’ve had to share Jess with him. And ugh, that Princess could’ve been his step mom."

Episode 372: All I Need

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