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Episode Thirty-Seven: Beautiful Day

He strode across the lawn through the pouring rain, car keys jingling in his hand. He hunkered down under the large tree, the opposite side of her makeshift shelter. He couldnít resist when he had seen her sitting there.

"Itís kind of wet out here, donít you think?" Bas asked, leaning against the trunk.

Avalon was tempted not to answer him at all. "I like the way it smells; itís kind of springy." She admitted, clicking the pen to fill up the silence he left her with, that was before he started laughing.

"Do you always have to act like Iím crazy?" She asked straining to see him on the other side. Straining because he was already with her, down on his haunches, flipping through the party planners.

He looked into her eyes, perfectly serious and said, "I donít think youíre crazy, well, maybe a little." Ava didnít resist pushing him until he was lying flat on his butt in the grass with raindrops falling on his head and she couldnít hide the satisfaction on her face.

Bas scrambled back under the tree and sat so close that his damp cheek was nearly pressed against hers. "Iím sorry," he said, sounding terribly insincere, barely concealing laughter.

Ava turned and they bumped foreheads, she almost- she stood, quickly gathering Katherineís notes for the party. "I know youíre the one who hired Fern."

"Youíre welcome, Avalon." He called to her as she walked back to the house.

Episode Thirty-Eight: Heartbreaker

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