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Episode Thirty-Eight: Heartbreaker

"My mother insisted, this was not my idea, believe me," Sebastian tried to say it nonchalantly while poking through a tub of lollipops by the cash register.

Ava knew she couldnít afford to shrug off Mrs. Marques. "I donít have anything to wear you know, itís not like Kathy Ireland originals are going to cut it."

"Justine still has half of Paris in her old room, youíre a bit taller, but I wonít object to seeing a little leg if you wonít," he grinned, unwrapping a root beer lollipop.

She shot him a look. "Youíll have to pay for that; Iíll just clear things with Bowie and grab my purse. This better be your motherís idea, I swear, Sebastian..."

Bas dumped a pocketful of coins on the counter; he turned to go to the magazine rack and ran smack into Lila. Her dress wasnít sequined or tight and he sensed trouble. She kissed him and left her hand resting on his chest as he discreetly searched the store with his eyes.

"How do you like it?" Lila asked twirling in her pale pink floor length number.

"Not really your style is it?" He replied uncomfortably.

She looked down uneasily, then brightened. "I think I can pull off demure, at least for a couple of hours, you havenít forgotten the garden party, thatís why youíre here isnít it?"

"Yeah, uh, Lila," He was about to tell her there was no way he was bringing her along when Avalon appeared at his side, ready to go. His eyes pleaded with Lila to keep quiet.

Bowie was tucked in a corner and saw Lila rise up like a riled cobra; he wanted to shout encore as her spindly arms shoved Sebastian off balance. Then he remembered.

Episode Thirty-Nine: Human Nature

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