Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Episode 369: Who Would You Be?

As usual, Justine sat alone on the school steps, waiting for her little kindergartner to fly out into the afternoon light and spring into her arms.

Small groups of women gathered around the schoolyard talking animatedly. She’d tried a few times to join them but had always walked away feeling less than.

Less than the group juggling children and careers.

Less than the group like her mother-in-law and sister-in-law who’d made homemaking a fine art.

Less than the perpetual baby machines or the nannies with their grand future goals.

There were so many different kinds of women these days, yet no matter how much Quentin argued to the contrary; she felt less than all of them.

She loved her husband. She missed her daughter within five seconds of dropping Tansy off everyday. But beyond that, Justine didn’t know anything. What to do with her life. Where she fit in. How to stop feeling less than. How to stop scaring Quentin with it. How to end those lost feelings before Tansy was old enough to catch on and worry about her to.

Episode 370: Train Wreck

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