Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Episode 370: Train Wreck

"Have you convinced my daughter she’s foolish to pursue this acting nonsense?" Phillip Marques asked through the long distance line. "That is why I hired you and it’s taking far too long-"

"It’s done."

"You’re certain?"

"She lives and breathes by my opinion. I’m very important."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Phillip fired off, for the first time a wave of nausea hitting him over what he was doing. He was trying to help Adria, save her from hurt, not throw her into it.

He felt certain he’d be sick. He’d known the man’s reputation and hired him anyway to play a significant role in his daughter’s world. "You’d better not have touched her. She’s just a girl. I’ll kill-"

"Relax. We’re strictly teacher and student. Or I was her teacher before she ran off my stage convinced she wasn’t even good enough for community theater.

Phillip breathed a sigh of relief, both for Adria’s safety and her career prospects. One child taken care of, now to waist and see with the other two. Hopefully all would be right with the world, or at least well in motion by the Katherine returned.

Episode 371: Could've Been

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