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Episode 367: Anything But Mine

Sebastian unlocked the door and before he could switch on the light, Ava was all over him with her soft hands and softer lips. For the first time he was glad there was no bedroom, just the mattress two quick steps away.

They tumbled down together. He pushed her hands from him only long enough to slide the leather jacket off her, shove it from his eyesight, he had a good idea who it belonged to.

They kissed some more. She pulled off his shirt, her lips and tongue sipping from his chest. With similar in mind, Sebastian’s breaths came heavier as he fiddled open the first tiny fastener at the back of her dress while Ava’s mouth trailed lower and lower. He was so close to everything he wanted, yet still frustrated, not merely because the fasteners were damn finicky and he craved to take her in his mouth, but because he could feel her warm wet lips, feel her smooth skin, and see almost nothing in the darkness.

He’d vowed that if by some miracle he ever got this change again, it wouldn’t be in the back of a car, or anything like that again, he’d see her. Really see her. Sebastian reached up and behind him, switching on the bedside lamp.

Ava sat back, straddling his thighs, her lips swollen thoroughly kissed. "I can get it," she said, reaching behind her for the fasteners, apparently thinking he needed assistance.

He laid back, no objection to watching her undress, not until he noticed the dress. White. Sexy. Virginal in a way. He scrubbed his eyes. Nope. Still there. Still a roadblock as the top piece slipped revealing a white lace bra. "That’s a wedding dress, isn’t it?"

Tears filled her eyes. "He never showed," she said, and pressed her body down on his, covered his mouth with hers. He almost got lost in her, but a tear dripped from her cheek to his like an ice cold rain. He gently pushed her away despite the pain it brought him to do so. "You told me once you regretted being with me. I couldn’t live with hearing that again." His body hated him for it. His conscience thanked him.

Episode 368: In Your Eyes

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