Ordinary World Soap Opera
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Ordinary World Soap Opera
An Online Soap Opera

Episode 368: In Your Eyes

Fall classes started tomorrow. The dorm swarmed with people. Adria’s roommate returned that morning. After the gutting she’d suffered moments ago on the school stage, Adria didn’t want to face anyone. No one except Ryley.

He checked them into their usual weekend motel room. She flopped onto the bed and pulled him down with her before he’d had the chance to kick off his shoes and shrug off his suit jacket. She snuggled into his chest, holding on tight. He pressed a kiss to her hairline.

"Do you have to fly back tonight?" Adria looked up at him, panic beating in her heart, she'd already said goodbye to her dream, she couldn’t bare saying goodbye to her other love right now, even though she knew that goodbye wouldn’t be permanent.

"I told my office I have a family emergency. I can stay."

She didn’t want him to go, but, "won’t you get in trouble if they find out you lied?"

"I didn’t lie." The back of his fingers caressed her cheek. "You’re as much my family as my brothers and my parents. If they needed me I’d be there. You need me so I’m here."

The same devotion could not be said for her actual blood relations. Her mom and dad would cheer over what happened. Justine and Bassie meant well but just try to get them to get past their own stuff long enough to truly listen. She looked into Ryley’s eyes and felt home for the first time in her life, despite the mansion and the luxury boarding school, the dorm, she’d never felt home.

"I’m here as long as you want me."

"I want you." Adria washed her lips over his, brushed the jacket down over his shoulders.

Ryley pulled back. "You’re hurting. I didn’t come here to take advant-"

"You won’t be. This is right. We’re right."

Episode 369: Who Would You Be?

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