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Episode 359: I Told You So

"Maybe we should have a double wedding," Lila remarked around her coffee cup as Jesse sat across the table munching on a blueberry muffin and one year old Nate snoozed in his stroller.

Both Bowie and Avalon stopped unboxing the new shipment of magazines and books that had just arrived at the bookstore. Ava staring in surprise. Bowie all glares.

"I was kidding, gosh, you two might want to get yourselves a sense of humor, huh?" Lila shook her head. Did Bowie think sheíd lost her mind? Or rather, reverted back to her old ways? The grass is always greener mentality that had nearly cost her everything. She knew better than to consider contact of any kind with Avalonís rock star. "Iím not sharing my discount wedding with anyone, thank you very much."

Bowie winced. "Do you have to keep calling it that?"

"I donít mean it in a bad way." she replied honestly. For so long sheíd thought everything had to be bigger and better. Funny how happy she was now, with part-time work as a shopgirl, taking Jess to school, playing with Nate, and scouring the city for the inexpensive ingredients for her perfect upcoming August wedding. "Weíre going to have the most beautiful, special day, a lack of money is forcing me to be creative, to make it really personal like it should be."

Of course, she hadnít undergone a complete lobotomy. Her eyes narrowed on pretty without a darn stitch of make-up Avalon. "Though when youíre marrying your Prince Charming, nothing else really matters. You naturally wonít know that feeling Ava, since youíve chosen the dark knight over a guy who threw away the life he knew to better himself for you."

Bowie gave Lila a slyly approving look. He normally wasnít one for petty jabs at people but he didnít like the idea of his best friend hooked up with the rock star and even heíd admitted to her how genuinely sorry he felt for Sebastian after he stopped by one night, totally gutted.

"Given how long it took you to realize you had a Prince Charming, itís no surprise you canít see that I am marrying mine," Ava said coolly.

"Are you sure about that?" Bowie asked in an ominous tone as he opened a box of magazines. "As anticipated solo disc awaits release, on-the-verge rocker Xavier Rafiís dark secrets could change everything."

All three adults instantly paled at the headline.

Episode 360: Party For Two

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