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Episode 360: Party For Two

Lila looped her arms around Bowie’s neck and he twirled her round and round. "It’s like a judge said death row then took it back. Not a word about-"

Bowie clamped a hand over her mouth and put her down. His eyes darted to their boys at the nearby table. "We’re celebrating that there’s at least one secret not in that article, right Lilac? So safe even Xavier Rafi doesn’t know."

"Who doesn’t know what?" Ava asked, returning from a long time in the bookstore’s washroom. Pale as a ghost. "If you mean me, I knew everything printed in that magazine. It’s just he had such a hard time sharing it with me. It makes me sick that it will be everywhere now. He never wanted to people to know."

"Can’t blame him for that. Drugs and prosti-"

Bowie gave Lila another mouth zipping look on their sons’ behalf. Hell, his too. He did not want to answer a little boy’s questions about prostitution.

"Like I said," Lila continued. "You should’ve picked Sebastian."

Though Bowie agreed just a little, at least that Ava should be with someone safe, he felt too much sympathy for any pain on his friend’s face to add to it with his two cents. "Go find him. I can handle the store on my own the rest of the day, or week, whatever you two need."

Episode 361: Hit So Hard

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