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Episode 357: Something To Remember

"The kids donít need me. You donít need me. These people do," Katherine insisted, without adding that she needed the Doctorís Abroad program for the same reasons as before, distance from Curran Gable, to stop herself from falling in love with someone who she didnít truly love. With someone who wasnít Phillip She still prayed for their marriage every day.

"Adriaís still here for another week," Phillip argued meekly.

"Sheís a busy girl with her new boyfriend."

"She says heís not her boyfriend. Though Iíd like to think he is. I couldnít have chosen better for her myself."

"Either way she wonít miss me."

"I know it sometimes doesnít seem like it, but she will and so will I."

They shared a tender kiss. "I promise everything will be better with the kids and with us when you get back, Kath. Donít stay away too long."

She nodded. "Try not to get so wrapped up in work that you forget to eat or sleep, donít make me worry," Katherine instructed, like a better wife to a better husband than either was.

"Same goes for you. And I know every guy out there will fall in love with you Kath, but donít you go falling in love with them."

Sadness, the past, the present, mistakes on both sides filled his eyes. Reflections of her own. "The same goes for you, my love."

Episode 358: Kiss Me

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