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Episode 356: The Answer

"So-" Ava had to stop and clear the emotion from her throat. "So you were scared for yourself. But not for me?"

"I put you with the best person I knew. I even kept track of you all these years." Sarette opened her enormous handbag and laid letters and photographs on the coffee table.

Ava was clearly torn, spine glued straight against the loveseat, eyes scratching for a closer look.

"I have more at home. In a special box. My treasure chest. I did and I do treasure you Avalon. That’s why I asked Mary to adopt you, to love you. I knew she’d be wonderful. She was five years older than myself, more mature, and we were the best of friends."

"I thought she was your personal maid?" Ava asked skeptically and though deep down he felt like a monster for it, Xavier jumped at the opportunity. He had to turn Ava against them before they turned her against him.

"Sounds like a typical rich mother," Xavier hissed, hoping the venom would convince him what he was saying was the truth. It didn’t. But he kept on anyway. "Give the kid to the nanny then come back to claim her when she’s grown up beautiful and perfect. And Baird, you’re sitting cozy with your ex. If you can forgive her so easy, you must not care enough about Ava. I’d hate anyone who tried to keep me from her. Why don’t you?"

Episode 357: Something To Remember

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