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Episode 354: The Real Thing

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, the air still and warm as they slowly marched up the walk. Neatly tended flower beds filled with rainbow colored daisies bordered the house. An old fashioned porch swing sat only a foot or so from a welcome mat. A wreath of dried flowers, yellows and peaches and shockingly bright lime hung on the front door, likely a new one handcrafted each season. Home was very important to this homeowner.

As Cal raised a hand to knock, Sarette pulled it back. "I donít know if I can do this." Her voice caught. "Iím so afraid."

"You canít let your stuffy friendsí or even your husbandís opinion stop you."

"Itís not even that. Not really, not right this minute. Iím so afraid sheíll hate me Cal."

"Youíve met her before. She liked you enough then."

"She never met me as her mom."

He gave her cheek a gentle kiss. "Itíll be rough. She wonít hug us at first or for a long time, but actually taking the chance is the only way she ever will. Itíll be worth it to make the step at least. Get the past out from under. For us and her."

Minutes later, Ava opened the door. Her stomach lurched. "Please go away."

Mr. Baird and Mrs. Jordan locked hands. "Not until you hear us out," he said.

Xavier came up behind her, wordless, though the feel of his hand slipping round his waist said everything she needed from him. Strength to at last admit the truth. "I believe your blood is running through my veins, I do. But neither of you are in my heart. You didnít want me then, why should I think you want me now?" To her shock, Xavier protested before her biological parents could. "Maybe you should listen to what they have to say."

Episode 355: By Any Means Necessary

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