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Episode 355: By Any Means Necessary

"I was young and scared.. I wasn’t ready to be a mother or to test myself without family. I’m so sorry." Sarette Jordan swiped tears from her eyes.

Xavier sat opposite her and Calvin Baird, holding Avalon’s hand on the loveseat, her cat, Shelby, snuggled in her lap. Ava had yet to utter a word through the story, just sat there with uncertainty raging in her eyes. He wished he could say the same for himself. But he knew without a doubt, he’d made a huge mistake to invite her family in.

Sarette’s father pressured her to dump a non-blueblood and any trace of their relationship - namely their baby, Ava. From what Xavier could tell his background was a thousand times worse than anything the ex hockey player had ever done. And though Cal’s career hadn’t likely earned him Marques or Jordan wealth, he’d probably lost his kinship with the shaggier ends of society long ago.

What would stop Ava’s parents from heaving him out of their daughter’s life?

Xavier had to find a way. Somehow. Anything. Fast. He couldn’t lose her.

Episode 356: The Answer

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