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Episode 349: This War

Ever since Christmas with her brother and sister, Justine had been sailing on a much more even keel, though as usual an afternoon with her husband’s family - in this case, a backyard birthday party for her nephew Henry - had a way of throwing her head into a spin.

"What do you plan to do with yourself when Tansy starts kindergarten in the fall?" Quentin’s sister Tal inquired. "Just kick back, sleep til noon like a kept princess?"

"She’ll keep the home and take care of the child when she’s not in school. Like the rest of us," Justine’s mother-in-law replied.


Tal laughed, though it sounded more like a cackle. They’d never liked one another very well, not for lack of Justine wanting to, wanting a sister to make up for having to walk out on her own. But Tal had made up her mind instantly. Justine wasn’t one of them. Never would be. She’d expected Quentin to marry her best friend Mariah. Justine was not her friend. "Mom, you’ve got to be kidding. You’ve tasted her cooking. Plenty of times we’ve dropped by and it looks like she’s let Tansy blow a tornado through their house without bothering to clean it up. And what about Halloween? She couldn’t even sew a little costume."


"She did her best. She does her best. We’ve got a beautiful little moppet to show for it." Quentin charged over from the swing set, carrying Tansy.

"I’m a beautiful muppet."

Justine smiled, wobbly, but a smile. She wasn’t the strong, fierce businesswoman he’d married anymore nor had she become the backbone of their household as expected in the Vincente family, yet he loved her, picked up her pieces which she seemed to need more and more often.

And Tansy loved her. Sebastian and Adria, too. If only Justine didn’t sometimes wonder why, how any of them could.

Episode 350: Pinch Me

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