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Episode 350: Pinch Me

"Summer classes? No way." As far as Adria was concerned the annual garden party represented the last of her mandatory servitude until September. The next few months belonged to her. "We agreed if I took these boring business classes I could at least act in the summer. I’m going to audition for Shakespeare in the park."

Her father sipped his coffee, eyeing her. "What you’re going to do is spend the next three weeks making it up to your mother that you never came home for winter or spring break."

"Why should I make up for that? You two have never made up for any vacations you missed with me," she snarled. Besides she had gone home for winter break, to her much less judgmental siblings. And, spring break, the thought of it brought a shuddering sickness. She’d used the spending money her parents sent to bus it home, staying again with Justine. But she’d only stayed two days and seeing family hadn’t been her mission. It’d been months and she’d still had feelings for Taro so she went to his apartment to plea the case for them as a couple. He’d explained that he’d struggled with embracing his heritage his entire life and compared his time with her to that of someone struggling with their sexuality, she was like a last experiment to be sure. Not only did she find race a horrific reason to not be with someone but she felt used. She felt sick. And now Daddy was adding to it.

"You will head back to school and continue to make up for the hole you dug yourself with that drama major. You have two-"

"We agreed I could act. If you won’t hold up your end I guess you can consider yourself three for three in losing children. I love you, daddy, and I’ll miss you." She slammed her glass on the table, orange juice sloshing over the sides. "But I’m not going to let you control my entire life."

"Adria cool your head a moment and listen. You’re signed up for two business courses but it leaves your afternoons free for the workshop with Thomas P. Hannigan. I signed you up for that as well, unless you find that too controlling."

"Oh my gosh, daddy, thank you! Mr. Hannigan’s the top drama coach; I had no idea he was coming to my school!" She circled the table embracing her father. "Thank you for this daddy, it means the world to know you’re willing to support my dream. I almost can’t believe it."

Episode 351: Cry

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