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Episode 347: Never Is A Promise

If there was such a thing as an emotional death, Sebastian was in its throws. He could feel the color rushing from his skin. His breathing shallowed to the point where it seemed he barely had a pulse.

As if in a tunnel heíd heard her say since yesterday in response to the engagement question and scuzzball mentioned they were leaving nothing to do with Basí presence they just loved to be alone. Sebastian remembered nodding before rushing outside, leaning against the wall, desperate for air.

"Heís not your problem."

"I know but... just look at him."

"A couple minutes then, donít let him suck you in. Iíll wait over here."

Sebastianís heart revved like crazy the moment her beautiful face appeared before him, bathed in moonlight, her soft fingers gently caressing his jaw. "Iím sorry you found out this way. I had no clue you worked here. And if I knew it would hit you so hard I wouldíve broken it gently, even after all the grief youíve put me through, I wouldíve done that if Iíd known. I mean, we havenít truly been together in years."

"Itíll always hit me hard. You could be ninety with great grandchildren and itíll still hit me hard that theyíre not mine. That youíre not mine."

"Hey," she grabbed his chin, her voice stern, eyes glossy with tears. "Despite everything I care about you Sebastian, I honestly do. This is so unhealthy. Get over us, please. We werenít right together. Find someone else."


Her head shook, disbelieving what he knew as fact. "She let her lips brush his cheek, his entire being flushed with warmth, brought back to life. "Donít do anything stupid, at least. Take care of yourself."

Episode 348: Meet Me Half Way

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