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Episode 348: Meet Me Half Way

Her home filled him with a sick feeling, a mixture of guilt for invading her life, loss, for what they couldíve shared, and anger that sheíd let it go this far.

His hand reached for a framed photo. A family portrait. Her son mustíve been five or six. The three of them looked perfect. She gazed at the husband like a perfect dutiful wife. Nothing like she looked at him. Still. After all this time.

And when he did this thing he had no choice but to do that likely would be lost.

As he suffered a terribly hard swallow, a finger tapped his shoulder and he jumped out of his skin.

"Sorry, I didnít mean to startle you sir."

He turned to face the young man. His gut twisted, almost angry at the kid for existing. He held out a hand, determined to be civil. "Calvin Baird."

"Paul Jordan, Genevieve told me youíre looking for my dad, heís not home, could I help? I have a few minutes before my next class."

He had no choice, Calvin assured himself, it wasnít fair that Sarette should have her family while he had nothing. While their daughter had no one but a musician and a co-worker. It wasnít fair that Sarette wasnít at least attempting to make things right for the first family sheíd created.

"I used to live here."

"You did? My motherís family has been here for generations. You must have the wrong- Oh did you work here?"

"Your grandpaís hockey team drafted me, I was only seventeen, he thought it best I live here to stay out of trouble. Thatís how I met your mother. We became-"

"Fast friends," Sarette announced, flying down the stairs, breathless. She swept him into a hug, so tight. "Itís wonderful to see you again," she said to cover for the tears pouring down her cheeks. Her whisper repeatedly choked in his ear. "Iíll go with you. Iíll talk to her. Just, please donít."

Calvin discreetly kissed her hairline grateful and sorry all at once.

Episode 349: This War

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