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Episode 346: Man Of The House

Places like this intimidated Xavier, made his skin crawl with reminders of why he didnít belong there. But for their first date as an engaged couple, for one night, he wanted to give Ava the kind of life she deserved, a fancy princess night that both her family and he deprived her of.

If only he didnít feel like crawling under the table, feel like the people around them - silver spoon types cut from the same cloth as Avalonís birth mother - that they could see his past in graphic ugly detail flashing across his face.

A hand clasped his in the center of the table, steadying his shaky fingers. "We donít have to stay here. I donít care about this stuff. We can go. Iíd be happy to leave."

His head shook. "I proposed to you in our backyard, not exactly high class. Iím not high class. I just want to give you this one night."

"I loved the proposal," she insisted, her eyes glowing with warmth and truth. "I love that thereís nothing pretentious with us even though you have money. Last night was the most romantic night of my life and it had nothing to do with the amount of carats in my ring. Iíd rather roll in the grass with you than be anyplace else. If I wanted to be some society snob I couldíve married-"

"Sebastian?" Xavierís jaw dropped. Followed by Avaís and rich boyís.

"Youíre a waiter?" She asked, clearly stunned to see his ensemble matching the rest of the plebes.

"Youíre engaged?" He asked, clearly stunned by the sparkler on her hand.

Episode 347: Never Is A Promise

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