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Episode 343: Long Way To Go

Avalon and Bowie opened the store. A long day ahead of her. It’d undoubtedly feel like an eternity until her special night. Xavier promised to preview his new music for her tonight. Every song. Finally. She couldn’t wait. Like Christmas Eve at six years old.

He wanted to make her proud. She didn’t doubt that he would. In recent months, he always did, she thought with a grin.

"You look happy, it’s nice to see," Bowie commented, once they’d settle at the bar for cocoa, a pick me up to get them through the spring sale. The store was doing surprisingly well for not being able to quite compete with prices at the major chains, most of their customers said they liked the warm, homey vibe, that it felt like bookstores should.

"Are you happy, too?" Ava ventured, sipping the sweet chocolate. Through the past few months they’d renewed their friendship while carefully tiptoeing around their love lives. Ava wanted that to change. For them to really be able to share everything with one another again. "Xavier and I are doing better and better. How are things with you and Lila?" When Bowie eyed her warily, she added, "good, I hope?"

A grin broke across his face. "Yeah, well it seems so." His fingers crossed. "It feels like Lila’s done a lot of growing up. She always loved Jess, don’t get me wrong, but now it’s like she’s really ready to be his and Nate’s mom. To be with me for the long haul."

He placed his half-drunk mug on the bar, joy tingeing his voice. "I’m waiting to hear back from my parents. See if there’s a weekend soon where they can look after the boys so I can propose in style."

Though Ava’s first instinct was to tell him to think it over, she fought the urge, spurned by the leap of faith she wished to take too. "Let Xavier and I baby-sit, it’d be a good practice run."

"Don’t take this wrong, don’t hate me but no way is that guy looking after my kids."

Episode 344: This I Promise You

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