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Episode 344: This I Promise You

Bundled in a heavy sweater, Ava sat across from Xavier, bathed in moonlight on their backyard lawn, listening intently to the intricate plucking of his guitar strings, every thoughtful lyric.

His quiet rasp delivered shivers as he sang of redemption found in her smile, the novel revelation that hope exists, boxing up the past like clothes that no longer fit.

The moment the last note faded, Ava set aside Xavierís guitar, taking its place in his firm arms, linking her fingers at his nape.

Their lips brushed flooding her with warm sensations. "That was the most beautiful concert Iíve ever heard. The most beautiful anything."

"Thanks, you were in every word. But thereís something Iím praying youíll think sounds even more beautiful." He reached behind his back holding out a ring on his palm. "Will you marry me?"

Even though Bowie had earlier that morning, with the best of intentions, reminded Ava that Xavierís drug addled history wasnít a lifetime behind him yet, not far enough to consider a family with the man she loved, in the moment she could think only of the future.

"Yes!" And then they kissed.

Episode 345: Through The Rain

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