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Episode 341: I Will Not Be Denied

"I canít." Sarettesís insides clenched with dread, as every time they met, yet she couldnít bring herself to pass on a chance to see Cal. "My father may be gone, but my husband and son are just as conservative and so are the circles weíve made our life in. The scandal would destroy my life."

His hand wrenched from hers, where in their other meetings Cal showed understanding for the sticky situation, the same understanding heíd easily shown her from the day they met. It hurt to lose that, like losing him all over again in a way.

"This is destroying my life," he barked. "Why the hell canít you ever think of me? Iím stalking my own kid because she wants nothing to do with me; she wonít hear me out!"

For several minutes Cal paced the grass, his large feet trampling a clear path. "Look at the guy sheís with Sarette, sheís not the country club type, if we go talk to her itís not like sheís going to go blabbing around town. Sheís not into all that garbage, sheís like me that way, simple tastes, I have money now but Iíve never given a damn if Iím with the right kind of people. Nobody has to know except us and her."

"I donít know. What if it isnít like that? What if she wants to punish me?"

"Like I said, sheís more like me than you," he spat eyes ablaze. "At least except for what Iím about to do." Long legs stomped a few more feet. "Iíve been patient, but I canít wait for you to do the right thing instead of the proper thing. If you donĎt go try to make this right for Avalon and me, IĎm telling your husband."

Episode 342: Someday

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