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Episode Thirty-Four: If It Makes You Happy

"Why are we whispering?"

"You sort of have to do that if youíre crouched in a closet next to your father-in-lawís stinky rubber boots," Justine replied as her foot fell asleep beneath her. "Why the delay Bassie, is your little ticket to being kicked out of the family there?

"Iím sorry I put you on hold Princess, but youíre not changing the subject, for once weíre gonna laugh at you," he insisted.

"Alright, already," she sighed and peeked through the tiny gap to see the empty hallway and hear the sound of people happily gorging on lunch. "I sort of told Quent I wanted to have a baby."

"Yeah, well donít worry Just, the stretch marks wonít be that bad, you canít afford the Riviera anymore, anyway."

"Funny, so I told Quentin and he got all excessively happy, only now I donít think I want to - I mean, I stopped watching 90210 when they started covering these kind of years."

"See this is when you need a mother." Sebastian blurted out and the line went silent for several seconds.

"Okay, let me think;" he let out a breath. "Kelly would tell Dylan that between him, Steve and David she has all the little boys she can handle, huh, no thatís more like Avalon."

"Big help Bassie, way to get your mind off of your own problems. I think Iím just going to be honest; it canít kill me right?" She immediately turned off her phone and putting on her best Miss America smile went back out to Quentís family.

"Oh honey, Quent just told us the news, and Iím going to get started on that baby album right after lunch," Justineís mother-in-law announced.

Episode Thirty-Five: Sleepwalker

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