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Episode Thirty-Five: Sleepwalker

"It might have been nice if you had called, I could have stayed later at the office rather than make idle chit chat with the waiter," Phillip said, studying the menu like it was the Wall Street Journal as his wife gave him a hurried kiss on the forehead.

Katherine pulled out her own chair. "Shall I ask the waiter when you arrived?"

Phillip laughed in spite of himself. "I had forgotten you were captain of the debate team,"

"Three years, I was such a dork, as Adria would say," Katherine took a sip of water.

"Most beautiful dork in the entire class," Phillip replied. "This is nice, a nice restaurant, I wouldn’t mind dating my wife every week, this was a great idea I had."

"Speaking of my ideas, my secretary reminded me that the Garden Party is coming up, and I was thinking, you remember I told you about that young woman Avalon," she began. "I was thinking that with both my girls- away, I might have her assist in some of the planning,"

"Actually, she gave me some business advice just the other day, bright girl, solid head on her shoulders," Phillip remarked. "How did you say she came to work for us?"

Katherine took a large gulp of water. "I was running late again, so I popped into Landon market to buy a power bar and that was where I met Ava. And, since I happened to be the only one fool enough to be shopping in scrubs, she asked my advice."

Phillip shook his head. "If not for certain circumstances I would have said she’d be the perfect influence for Sebastian. It’s just as well I suppose; he shouldn’t have any distractions beyond his studies."

"Just as well." Katherine agreed, staring at the napkin in her lap.

Episode Thirty-Six: Can't Let Go

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