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Episode 339: Human Touch

"How did you find me?" Adria asked, surprised that her voice didnít sound screechy and nervous considering they were alone in her room. Just her and a virtual stranger. Who sheíd had sex with. Who wanted some more and had traveled miles to get it.

Only searching his lightly freckled face, she saw as much apprehension in his blue-green eyes as in her own. "Why did you find me?"

"Which do you want me to answer first? How or why?" He edged closer as if to take a seat on the mattress then changed his mind. Adria accepted it as a gesture of respect. That heíd wait for an invitation. That he mustíve been gentlemanly that night as well, even though the entire thing remained so sketchy in her mind. Sheíd surely been drunk enough to take advantage of. But she didnít think for once second thatís how it happened.

Relaxing somewhat, she replied, "the how, first," jokingly adding, "are you some kind of P.I. in expensive suits? Vance, Ryley Vance." She giggled; it felt like such a long time since sheíd done so.

He laughed quietly too, mowing a hand through his close cropped red hair. "Iím nothing that exciting. Just a stockbroker."

"I know plenty of girls who would find that exciting. My father, too," Addie assured him.

"But not you?"

"A passion for money just isnít new territory for me thatís all, Iíve seen it my whole life," she said with a shrug. Though Adria almost regretted her indifference the moment she spied a flicker of disappointment in his eyes, quickly, cutely disguised with a wash of his hand. A really beautiful, sculpted hand.

Suddenly his fingers flashed through her mind, caressing her skin. Tingles shot through her. She forced the sensations away, way too confused. Was she finally remembering? Or wishing? Didnít she love Taro? Of course.

"So, okay, the how. Um, I talked to about eighty people at the restaurant to learn your last name." He smiled; even a girl in love with someone else had to admit, adorably. "And why? Well, I think I might like you. A lot."

Episode 340: Feels Like Home

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