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Episode 340: Feels Like Home

Sarette’s hand slipped comfortably into Calvin’s. In the few months they’d been meeting it had never gone further than that. She was married. Not to her first choice. But married nonetheless.

Today they’d met on a street corner in a rough area of the city no one who recognized her would ever set foot in, driving off to parkland in the middle of nowhere. That was very important to her. That no one knows despite nothing untoward happening. Her entire life it had been drilled into her to never do anything untoward. The one time she had, they’d produced a baby. One she couldn’t acknowledge.

A warm breeze ruffled his thick, dark hair the way her fingers longed to. But Sarette couldn’t so much as brush a stray lock from his captivating eyes. It might- it would lead to lips. To the hem of his white shirt. To unbuttoning. Unzipping. Laying down in a bed of grass and wildflowers and opening herself to him.

"I go see her everyday," he announced, as he did every time they met, spoiling her fantasy that she was sixteen again and the handsome, slightly older boy had stolen her away from captivity once more. Fulfilling her heart and her body’s desires over and over.

"We need to go talk to her together. I want to talk to her. I want to know my daughter. Not stand outside her bookstore or watch from my car outside her house while she lives her life without me. If you’re with me, if you’d explain why you let her fall in love with this other mother when we could’ve raised her, happily, together, maybe we can finally make this right. Let’s go to her tonight. Explain everything."

Episode 341: I Will Not Be Denied

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