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Episode 334: Whisper Your Name

With a deep breath, Adria summoned the courage to march from the bathroom; her long wet hair swishing across the low back of last nightís party dress.

"Hey, so are you okay then?" The redheaded stranger asked, swiveling side to side in an office chair, forehead clutched in his hand, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.

She averted her eyes. Though sheíd apparently seen everything, it had happened in such an out of body way, that it hardly seemed right to stare. "Um, if youíre worried the police will bust down your door, donít be. I mean, Iím not old enough to have drinking. I so shouldnít have been drinking. But I am old enough for, you know. So donít worry."

"Thatís good to know at least. Thanks." As she slipped on her heels, hands gently ran the length of her arms. His scent, coffee and spring-scented soap filled her nostrils creating a sense memory of her time in his bed. Nothing else of it remained thank goodness. Just his scent. Like this never happened. She still didnít know his name and wanted to keep it that way. "I have to go."

His fingers curled over her elbows, keeping her there, though a loose enough grasp to assure her she could leave if inclined. "Are- are you sure youíre okay? Donít girls like to talk about this stuff? I- I could do that with you if you want."

"I donít. Itís embarrassing. I was too old to be like this - like that. If youíre feeling guilty, donít. You were... gentle or whatever, you didnít take advantage. Itís fine." She clomped to the door, near tears grabbing her bag from where it mustíve dropped at the start of this terrible mistake.

"Could you at least tell me your name?" He asked, as she clutched the door handle. "Itís not really Michelle, is it? Iím Ryley Vance, just so you know who..."

She cringed. Just so sheíd know she hadnít lost it to a complete stranger. "Adria," she whispered.

"Adria. Pretty. No last name?"


Episode 335: Notorious

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