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Episode 335: Notorious

Sebastian switched lanes at the last possible second, causing the wreck of a car his brother-in-lawís garage loaned him - until his life got in gear - to sputter and lurch, threatening to completely die though ultimately continuing on. In a direction he had no desire to head in.

But heíd vowed to become a better man, hadnít he? That was the whole point of leaving the cushy lifestyle behind. To quit following his parentsí self-involved examples. To quite running the moment things got tough.

"Where are you going, Bassie?" Adria demanded, no desire to spend a second longer in the city. The sooner she got back to school, back to her routine and forgot anything more than a lovely Christmas had happened on this vacation the better. "This isnít the way to the airport."

"I know. Iím taking you to see mother and father."

"Youíre what? No way! Stop the car! Turn it around!"

He pulled off to the shoulder. "Iím cool with it, Ad. So would Justine be. Weíre the one who cut ties with them; you donít have to if you donít want to. Youíre just a kid, if you want to visit your parents, you should."

"Well, I donít want to and Iím not such a kid," she snapped, the last thing she needed was some inquisition about school and her future while this other mess clogged her head.

"Whatís with being so quiet ever since New Yearís Eve, then?"

"You donít want to know and I donít want to tell you."

"You can tell me anything, Addie."

She eyed him suspiciously. He looked like her brother. Yet, sincere. Like he really intended to listen to something other than his own voice for once. And Ryley Vance had been right; she so needed to talk to someone. She couldnít help thinking her friends at school would either rightly deem her a liar for the way sheíd always yapped like a sex expert or a skank for how it finally happened. "I lost my virginity."

Within three open-mouthed seconds, laughter filled the car. "Right What did you spin back the clock and become fourteen again?"

I wish. "Big help Bassie. Just take me to the airport. I just hooked up with someone I shouldnít have. No big thing. Iíll get over it myself."

Episode 336: The Space Between

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