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Episode 330: Happy Christmas

Wearing pink footy pajamas Tansy sprawled on her tummy beside the sparkling Christmas tree. She yammered away to her new menagerie of stuffed animals.

Colored wrapping paper and ribbons littered the carpet while Sarah McLachlan’s Christmas CD sand softly in the background. Sebastian lounged on the sofa sticking every red and gold foil bow to little sister Adria’s gorgeous blond mane despite her giggling protests.

Justine watched it all from her cozy perch on Quentin’s lap, her face resting comfortably in the crook of her husband’s neck not even bothered by his overwhelming aftershave. It had been Tansy’s gift to her father and she’d insisted on pouring it on him.

Adria slipped on her new slippers, which to Justine’s relief the co-ed had loved, even without an ultra expensive price tag. "Watching the snowfall outside I am so in the mood for hot cocoa - my one kitchen specialty -" Addie grinned, prettier than any lipstick model. "Can I fix some for everybody?"

While the adults nodded, Tansy scrambled to her feet and waddled over, dragging a stuffed frog with her. "Can I have extra marshmallows Mama, cuz it’s happy Chrissmus day?"

Justine nodded her approval. What a change from all those years of waiting for their parents to show up late if at all. It was by far the happiest Christmas she’d ever shared with her siblings and from the looks on their faces, Bassie and Addie agreed.

Episode 331: Blue Christmas

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