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Episode 331: Blue Christmas

Katherine checked her beeper every which way, even pulled out the batteries and stuffed them back in. Her husband moved from the antique armchair to the sofa cushion beside her. He wrested the beeper away, tossing it on a stack of priceless coffee table books.

"It’s useless, Kath. You’re not getting beeped and I’m not getting a call from the office. It’s like we’re being punished."

"Shouldn’t we be punished? How many times did we have better things to do than spend the entire day with our kids? Now I’m sitting here with nothing better to do than stare at this fake tree when I really want them here. This must be what they mean by karma, Phillip."

"Do you remember how Adria and Sebastian used to beg every year for a real tree? But you and I agreed they’re such a mess, sap and needles tracked everywhere. We couldn’t have the house looking like that with my clients to entertain and your colleagues." He scrubbed a hand across his lips. "We should’ve let them have a damn tree."

Katherine nodded then let her head fall onto his shoulder. Their hands came together, cradling each other on his right thigh. "We missed Justine dancing in the Nutcracker. It must have been adorable; she was so chubby and no older than Tansy. Do you think Tansy had any pageants or anything we missed this year?" "But Phillip, all we’ve ended up with is them choosing a life without us. That’s not what I want, do you?"

Episode 332: A Night To Remember

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