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Thirty-Three: She's So High

Avalonís nose was buried deep in the first edition copy of Vanity Fair when she emerged from the office and smacked right into Sebastian and Taro. They had been trolling the halls for her.

Sebastian pulled the book away from her like an eight-year-old playing keep away. "Youíd better put this back Avalon, my father has killed for lesser crimes."

"He lent it to me, he said I could borrow any of them that I wanted." She reacted defensively, yanking the book back.

"You sure never fail to amaze," He grinned as his phone rang, and he signaled Taro to follow her like the lost puppy that he is.

Taro could feel the sweat coming out of his pores even though a heat register had probably never been turned on in the history of the drafty old mansion. He cleared his throat and cleared it again. Talking to pretty girls had never been his strong suit.

Ava stopped in her tracks and whirled around to face him causing Taro to jump back a foot. She tapped her fingers on the book. "Well- spit it out,"

Taro cleared his throat. "I, um- Sebastian and I were discussing Romeo and Juliet and how if we were to fall in love-"

"Isnít that precious, well, be sure to let Sebastian know that I hope you two live happiest ever-after," she cut him off tartly, sick and tired of this childish nonsense.

Taroís jaw was dropped watching her walk away when Bas showed up with his cell in hand, having put Justine on hold. "How did it go?"

"I think Iím in love." Taro announced. And Bas, well, if looks could kill.

Episode Thirty-Four: If It Makes You Happy

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