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Episode 329: Baby Girl

It would’ve been a nice walk. The smell of roasted chestnuts in the air. The twinkling lights strung from street corner to corner. His only love’s hand tucked in his. but their destination broke the spell.

"N-no one on my Christmas list needs any books." Sarette steeped from him, even in her hurtful denial, Cal found her dark skin and endless curves breathtaking.

He forced his mind and body to focus. "We’re not here for books and you know it. Look at her." Cal turned Sarette’s shoulders to face the dimly lit windows. "Look at our daughter."

She squirmed in his hold. "This isn’t a good idea. Cal, let’s go before she sees us."

"Relax. She won’t see anyone. The musician always picks her up at closing. They only have eyes for each other. And hands and lips. Like we used to be." His voice cracked. "Look at her Sarette. She’s us. How could you rob us of her? Of each other. Look at her."

Sarette swiped the tears pooling under her eyes. "I’ve been looking at her ever since my husband and I moved back here permanently, about six years ago. And before that I thought about her every day. I dreamt about her every night."

"She’s an adult, Sarette. We’ve missed everything. I would’ve married you. I wanted to even without knowing about her." Cal cupped her jaw. "Why did you give her away?"

"Don’t say it like that, please." Tears flooded down her face. "Does she know? Have you already talked to her? Did you tell her I gave her away? She was my baby girl."

Episode 330: Happy Christmas

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