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Episode 328: Let's Go

His call brought chills for the future and warm sensations from the past. They said little over the phone. She couldnít talk. Her husband sat mere feet away. They agreed to meet at an out of the way place.

Even as she took extra time on her hair and makeup, in selecting a creamy peach cashmere sweater and skirt, Sarette Jordan promised herself this meeting wasnít going to reopen the door her father had slammed shut. It was simply to make certain Cal didnít believe there was a reason to linger in the city and discover things it was far too late for him to know. Things that would throw her life into chaos.

Their eyes locked the moment they spied each other across the cafe. Her feet swiftly carried her to him. They embraced politely, not like old friend; not anything like first loves.

"You look good." So good. Age had only carve his olive complexion into even more ruggedly masculine planes. The thick hair her fingers adored remained, as did the strong arms she still occasionally dreamed about.

Cal held out his hand to her. "Iíve changed my mind. Thereís someplace else Iíd rather go."

Her heart whipped into a whirlwind. She slipped her fingers in his. It felt every bit as comfortable as if the clock had spun backwards. What was she doing? "Okay. Letís go."

Episode 329: Baby Girl

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