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Episode 327: Jaded

The bell jingled as Lila rolled Nateís carriage through the door at top speed nearly mowing down an elderly Jane Austen fan.

"Careful, Lila," Ava admonished with a shake of her head. Thankfully she didnít have to deal with Bowieís self-involved girlfriend on a daily basis. Or anyone else as ignorant as Lila. These days Xavier was always there whenever she needed. The totally dependable dream guy. She smiled at sleepy little Nate. Kids were certainly creeping into her thoughts lately though she still wasnít entirely sure. "Iíll look after him if you want while you go talk to Bowie."

"I guess I am driving recklessly. My headís spinning." Lila glared at Ava a moment then marched a few feet away to the holiday display Bowie was setting up, filled with Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa gifts.

"You will not believe what happened!"

"How come youíre not at work? Are the boys, okay?"

"Theyíre fine. Jesseís at school and Nateís over there with Miss Perfect."

Ava waved to her friend then returned to watching the sweet rise and fall of Nateís little chest.

"Iím the one whoís not fine. Iím fired."

"Fired? Isnít Sebastian supposedly your friend?" Bowie growled. "Every time you think you can trust that guy, he-"

"Sebastian didnít fire me. His father did. He fired everyone and itís all Avaís fault. Sebastian hates his father for telling Avaís dad about her so he like, quit his family. The idiot moved out and gave up all that free money and since the magazine was just to keep Bas busy itís kaput. All because he feels bad for the Princess. Can you believe it?"

Ava shook her head. She refused to believe it. Phillip Marques had probably had enough of his sonís slacker ways and finally cut him off. Sebastian had likely cooked up the alternative explanation just to win her back since heíd lost everything else. Well, it wouldnít work.

Episode 328: Let's Go

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