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Episode 326: This Christmas

Sebastian tossed the newspaper on the restaurant table. "Iím not qualified for anything."

"Youíll find something after Christmas." Justine warmed her palms over the steaming latte. His niece Tansy had insisted on an outdoor table in case any doggies passed by. The kid was so adorable no one seemed able to refuse her anything.

Justineís blue eyes scraped across her handbag then swung back to him. "So do you have any money at all?"

"Heís rich! Lookit how big my cocoa is!" The little girl lifted her lip from the giant mug. A puff of whipped cream coated her button nose. She swiped her tiny fingers through it, stuffing them in her mouth, giggling.

Sebastian smiled at her. But his heart ached too. Tansy reminded him of what he didnít have. What heíd never have with Ava.

Justine snapped her fingers. "Earth to Bassie! I know Tans is yummy to look at but I asked you a question, do you have any money?"

He washed a hand over his face, ashamed that heíd yet to learn a thing about being aware of others. "I never offered you guys any rent money, I-"

"I donít care about rent. Youíre our guest. Do you have enough money for a plane ticket?"

His heart sank. He hadn't thought it possible to sink any further. "You want me to leave."

Justine clutched his hand. "I told you to stay as long as you need. I like having family around again. Thatís why Iím wondering if you have enough money to send Addie a plane ticket. Letís have our first family Christmas."

"She might rather be with mom and dad."

Episode 327: Jaded

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