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Episode 325: If You Wanna Stay

"I didnít know where else to go. Taroís mad at me; heís sure father will shut down the magazine. I just need a couple days to figure out what Iím doing."

Quentin leaned back in the armchair, shaking his head. His wifeís brother had been floundering through his adulthood for years and now without handouts from daddy Sebastian would figure out his life in a couple days? Right.

No doubt the guy had blown his savings on the same kind of material possessions Justine confused with the good life. And a working stiff like him would have to foot the bill for his spoiled brother-in-lawís rebellion. No way.

"Itíll be great; finally someone from my side of the family will get to know Tansy."

"Youíll like me." Their little girl climbed onto the sofa beside her uncle, linking her arm through his.

"Iím so sorry I didnít already know you better Tansy. I havenít been very good at paying attention to anyone but myself." Sebastianís expression drooped. "Thatís the biggest thing I need to figure out."

"You can do that here. Stay as long as you need. Weíd love to have you, wouldnít we Quent?"

Much as Sebastian often scraped his last nerve, the renewed sparkle in Justineís eyes told him to go with it. Heíd deal with a second child in the house if it meant an end to his wife beating herself up for not being perfect enough to deserve so much as a hello from her crappy family. "Weíre headed to my parents for Thanksgiving; youíre welcome to come with us."

Episode 326: This Christmas

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