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Episode 324: Thank You

"Addie called today. She’s not coming home for Thanksgiving and isn’t sure about Christmas. She was so formal about it Phillip. We officially have another daughter who hates us. Maybe we should rethink things." Katherine drew the wineglass to her lips. A sip fast became a guzzle.

Her husband jabbed a forkful of steak into his mouth. Swallowing, he suggested that "if Adria had the credits to put towards a medical degree you wouldn’t be rethinking anything. She’s mad now, Kath, but she'll get over it. She’s a smart girl and shouldn’t waste it on playing dress up. You can’t cave on this just because she’s not doing what you want. At least she’s doing something."

"I know you’re right." She sighed. "I’m just so tired of being the bad guy."

"It’ll all work out Kath, have faith. If my father hadn’t taken control with me we wouldn’t have all this." Phillip reached across the dining room table and massaged her fingers.

"Yeah, what we all need is you in control." Sebastian stomped into the room. He slammed two sets of keys onto Phillip’s napkin.

"What’s this, son?"

"For the gatehouse and the magazine. I don’t want them anymore. Or anything else from you. You hurt the girl I love. Don’t ever go near Ava again. Or me either."

"What did you do, Phillip?" Katherine’s heart rate accelerated. As disappointed as Sebastian had ever been in her, she never suspected he’d ever give up the lap of luxury. Her little boy had to be so wounded. The chair tipped back as she sprang to his side. He shrugged her off.

"I don’t need either one of you." Sebastian’s eyes filled with tears. "She thinks I’m poison and she’s right. I learned from the best. I know how to put myself ahead of everybody. How to cheat and justify it. How to not be supportive. To worry more about myself than anybody. Thanks for nothing."

Episode 325: If You Wanna Stay

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