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Episode 323: I Need Nothing Else

Customers bustled through the doors on opening day at Avaís bookstore. Xavier hung out in the background while she buzzed around, checking that everyone found what they wanted. Bowie helped her out a lot, as did the other staff, but it was Ava coming alive with such a passion for the books she recommended, like she truly believed theyíd save somebodyís life just to get lost in the pages a few hours. It was the same way he felt when people lost themselves in his music.

She looked so happy for the first time in weeks. Heíd do anything to preserve that so when the pink roses arrived from her father, Xavier trashed the card.

Avalonís insides roiled the moment she saw him. Afraid of what bombshell heíd drop next.

"Hi." Sebastian shoved his hands in his pockets. "Iíve been so worried about you. I canít take wondering anymore. How are you? Did everything go okay with your dad? Iím so sorry, you have to believe me I didnít want that to happen. My dad told him where to find you. Tell me youíre okay?"

She stood speechless until Xavier hooked an arm around her. "Go home rich boy, Iím looking after her."

"I am okay because Xavier makes me feel that way. He makes me feel so much better than you ever did. I donít know how I ever loved you but be certain Iíll never make that mistake again. Iím like a child with you who had to learn her lesson. Youíre poison to me. I-"

"Babe, maybe you should leave it at that." Xavier squeezed her tight. "He gets the message."

Sebastianís head dropped. "Itís fine. I deserve whatever she wants to dish out. As long as you are okay Avalon thatís all that matters to me. I donít need anything else."

Episode 324: Thank You

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