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Episode 321: Yes

Lila leaned over the crib. Inhaling his sweet baby scent, she kissed Nateís forehead and tiptoed out to the hall nearly colliding with Bowie as he left Jesseís room. Every night they switched off putting the kids to bed. It was a nice ritual, like a real family.

"Well, one glass of water, two trips to the bathroom and four chapters later heís asleep."

"A banner goodnight. Iíve never done less than five chapters." They exchanged sympathetic grins.

"Still, Iím hating the thought of the day he wonít want me reading with him at all."

"Me too." Lilaís comment surprised even her. But in the past few months sheíd found more and more to like about parenting with Bowie.

They wandered slowly down the hall, like any other night, talking some more about the boys, their day, like a real married couple.

"I guess the bookstore will come in hand for Jesseís Christmas presents." She was trying to see an upside to his working with Ava. To not focus on the fact that Ava would be his confidant again. That Miss Perfect would tell him the truth. That Lila Benson wasnít good enough for him. Which she wasnít. She still got bored being a mom sometimes and longed for material things. But she was working on it.

"Iím glad I took the job. We need the money plus Iím really worried about Ava. I want to convince her to get to know her parents. Ava-"

"Ava, Ava, Ava," she snapped in a loud whisper. "Sheís all youíre going to talk about for months now, huh?"

"And youíd prefer Lila, Lila, Lila?"

"Yes I would." Her admission brought laughs from them both. They lingered outside her bedroom door. Like every night before he made his bed on the sofa. She stepped inside. "Well, goodnight."

Bowie stalked after her, spun her around, kissed her breathless. "Listening to Avaís dad talk about this woman he lost, claims to be mad at but clearly still loves, it made me realize I donít want to be like him. I donít want to miss you anymore."

"So Ava is good for something." Lila reached for his zipper.

Episode 322: Inside

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