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Episode 322: Inside

"Papa! Papa!" Tiny fists hammered at his bare chest so long he had no choice but to accept it wasnít a dream. His eyes crept open. He hauled the little girl onto the mattress, tucked her into the crook of his arm. "There, now go back to sleep."

"Sleepy time over." She patted his stubbled jaw. "Time for Halloween dress."

Groggily he pushed down her hands and gently shut her eyes with his fingertips. "Itís still sleepy time."

Her jewel eyes popped open. "Mamaís making candy apples now."

"Tans, itís four-thirty in the morning your Mamaís right here-" But a quick search behind his back with his palm found his wifeís side of the bed empty.

Tansy squiggled from his arms and hopped to the floor. "Come see my dress, Papa."

"You bet Iím coming."

Holding the childís hand they entered the kitchen. Pots boiled on the stove. Something burned in the oven. Fabric swamped the floor and his wife sat in the middle of it.

"Time for Halloween dress!"

"Iím so sorry, sweetie, I tried and I tried. I wanted you to have the perfect Halloween." Tears washed down Justineís cheeks. Blood trickled down her fingertips; a novice sewer turned pincushion.

Tansy plopped down and kissed Justineís palms. "Mama has boo-boos."

After quickly shutting off the stove and oven, Quent knelt behind his wife, hugging his arms around her. "Come back to bed, Just. Snuggle up with me and Tansy. Thatís what perfect is."

Episode 323: I Need Nothing Else

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