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Thirty-Two: Anything Is Possible

It was nearly lunch, time for her "shift" to end, and even though she was working she felt like she hadnít done much of anything. For instance, right now Ava was walking Mrs. Marquesí mail from the kitchen to her office, it didnít seem like something to be paid for.

Mrs. Marques had already left for the hospital so she opened the door and started to walk in. "Oh gosh, Iím sorry Mr. Marques; this place is such a labyrinth- Iíll go."

"Wait!" He called without raising an eye from the top of his desk.

Avalon shivered, but stayed. He took forever to speak again, so the floor to ceiling bookshelves distracted her. It left her wondering how someone could be so ignorant as Sebastian could even when he had practically a whole library at his disposal.

"How is your mother doing Avalon? Iím sorry I didnít have time to inquire before now,"

"Sheís having more bad days than good, but we try to make the best of the good," She replied quietly and found the first thing she could to change the subject. "Thatís a beautiful photograph, is it a Crane?

Phillip nodded. "Yes, yes it is. My marketing department is convinced it will revolutionize lipstick sales, but I have to confess itís not a subsidiary that Iím particularly well versed in,"

"To be perfectly honest Mr. Marques, I thought it was selling jeans, I didnít even notice the lipstick case in the pocket." Ava wanted to take it back as soon as she said it.

Phillip studied the photo. "See now, thatís what I said, say, would you mind sticking around? Itís been a long time since I had a young woman to bounce ideas off of,"

"If you think I can be of help," she replied, attempting to contain her excitement.

Episode Thirty-Three: She's So High

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