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Episode 318: One Good Friend

"I donít know, Ava. Landscaping doesnít pay that great half the year and I miss hanging out with my best friend everyday. And Iím so glad youíre ready to get past my part in looking for your dad." Blue eyes pleaded with her to trust his words. Bowie gathered her hands in his. "I just wanted you to have family to turn to if you needed them."

Ava nodded. "I do need my family Bo, thatís why Iím asking you to work here. Iíve missed you. Please?"

He cringed. "Donít get mad or offended but Iím not crazy about your boyfriend. I donít want to work with him."

She took a deep breath before responding. "I wish you knew him the way I do but you probably wish I understood what you see in selfish little Lila too but I donít. Xavierís going to play here from time to time and visit me but you two donít have to be buddies. And I donít have to exchange recipes with Lila for us to be close again."

Bowie grinned; it felt like sunshine on her face. "So, when do we open?"

"Two weeks. I know itís not a lot of time, the chocolate bar still isnít fully-"

A knock sounded at the door. The screens were pulled down on the windows and door. Her brows knitted. "I already got my last delivery for the day. Who could that be?"

Bowie followed her to the door. A tall, muscular man with thick dark hair and a handsome face stood before her. "Youíre the other guy from that day, Bowie, right?"

"Oh, youíre here to see Bo?" Ava stepped aside but Bowie moved with her and clasped a hand at her waist as if to hold her up. A good idea it turned out.

"Heís here to see you Ava. Heís your dad."

Episode 319: Tonight I Wanna Cry

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