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Episode 319: Tonight I Wanna Cry

Avalon clutched Bowieís wrist so tight she felt fairly certain she was cutting off her friendís circulation but she couldnít bring herself to let go and collapse or something, in the most painful tears. It was like if she just held onto Bowie, her mom wouldnít die again. Her heart wouldnít die again.

"You look like me." The stranger wouldnít keep his big brown eyes off her. He scrubbed his hair. "Sorry, I donít mean you look like some old scarred hockey player - youíre really pretty. Beautiful. Man, itís just like they say, itís like looking into my own eyes."

"You really are my dad." She felt Bowie kiss the top of her head.

"I think so. I have to be honest with you Avalon, Iím not really sure if I know how to be a dad. I never really had one myself."

He folded his arms and unfolded them. Over and over. "Well I had one for awhile. Your grandfather took me under his wing. He only hated me later for doing his daughter." He swiped a hand over his lips. "Sorry, Iím not the most refined guy in the world and Iím blabbering on like this when youíre stunned or something. Sebastian said I shouldnít do this but I had to know if Sarette and I had a daughter."

Calvin Baird grinned at her. "Iím not normally a big talker like this but I guess Iím nervous to meet my girl and well you look like Sarette too. Here and there. And I havenít seen her since before you were born. I guess Iím really caught up in all of it, I-"

"Take the keys Bowie and please close up for me. I have to go."

Episode 320: Never Tear Us Apart

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